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SieFS filesystem

SieFS is a virtual filesystem for accessing Siemens mobile phones' memory (flexmem or MultiMediaCard) from Linux. Now you can mount your phone (by datacable or IRDA) and work with it like with any other removable storage.

It was tested on

It should work also on C55/M50/MT50 with enabled serial interface. There should not be any problems with other new Siemens phones.

SieFS consists of filesystem module (siefs), command-line utility (slink) and voice memo converter (vmo2wav).

SieFS is based on FUSE, Filesystem in USErspace, an excellent tool for creating custom filesystems with minimal effort. You can download FUSE at



  • Kernel version 2.4.x
  • Mount version 2.11 or above
  • FUSE 2.0 or higher

  • Downloading

    siefs-0.5.tar.gz - current version


  • Unpack the siefs archive
  • Enter the siefs directory
  • Run './configure'
  • Run 'make'
  • Run 'make install'

  • How to use

    Just mount a communication device to some directory with type siefs:

      mount -t siefs [-o options] /dev/ttyS0 /mnt/mobile

    See README file for further information.

    If you have old mount version that doesn't support external filesystem types, a command for mounting will be

      fusermount /mnt/mobile siefs /dev/ttyS0 [options]

    You can also use slink, command-line OBEX client, to access a filesystem without mounting. Type `slink -h' to view all supported commands.

    New version of SieFS contains a converter of voice memo records to wav format, vmo2wav. Just type

      vmo2wav [-o output_file.wav] input_file.vmo

    and you can listen your dictaphone records on PC.


    The SieFS code was written by Dmitry Zakharov <dmitry-z AT mail DOT ru>. Special thanks to Miklos Szeredi, author of FUSE filesystem, and Christian W. Zuckschwerdt, author of ObexFTP, for their help. GSM 06.10 decoder was written by Jutta Degener and Carsten Bormann.


  • FUSE home page
  • ObexFTP project
  • GSM 06.10 lossy speech compression

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